It Me

My name is Madison. I’m just a girl from a small-ish mid-western town about to move to a city roughly 27 times the size of my hometown. Yikes.

I’m not moving to the Big Apple of the Midwest because it’s always been my dream, or because I got the world’s coolest job there

Out of all of the pharmacy schools I applied to, the location I least wanted to end up at was Chicago. And now I’m moving there in a week! Crazy how life works.

Now you might be thinking, “Well, why is she going to move to Chicago, a city she clearly doesn’t want to live in?”

Chicago was the best choice for me in the end because ya know, in state tuition, and it’s the closest I could stay to my family without still living with them.

Despite my hesitation to live in Chicago, I am genuinely excited to live in ‘the city.’ My reasons for excitement include:

  • Places of business open later than 9pm
  • Restaurants open later than 9pm
  • Things to do other than mini-golf or bowling (after 9pm)
  • Not having to drive 45 minutes to go to a decent mall
  • New places to run
  • I’m going to pharmacy school!!!

In the back of my mind, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but without knowing that I actually wanted to start a blog. What I mean is, I’ve wanted to share my experiences about deciding to go to pharmacy school, taking a gap year, applying to pharmacy school, and ultimately going to pharmacy school but I didn’t know what platform to share my thoughts on.

I have an amazing old roommate and friend who does photography as a hobby and as a side gig to teaching. She uses Instagram and Facebook as her platforms of choice and keeps them updated with her goings-on, both personal and photography business wise. Watching her post all of this content and seeing the following she was gaining, the people she was reaching, inspiring, and helping, it triggered something in me, making me think that I wanted to do something like that. I’ve never felt incredibly comfortable taking pictures of myself or being the person behind a camera all the time, I personally find it distracting, but I’ve always been one to write out my thoughts.

I’m here to talk about balance. I like to think I have pretty good balance. I can stand on one foot, put my sock and shoe on without having to hold on to anything or falling over.

But in reality, I haven’t always had such great balance, and sometimes I still don’t. As an adult, hell, as a human being, we’re expected to balance all of these things going on in our lives. School, work, friends, family, exercise, hobbies, eating well, keeping your living space in order, not to mention self-care and actually living your life!

I want to talk about what works for me and what doesn’t. How I can balance a heavy school load while working part-time, while trying to have some semblance of a personal life, while keeping up my passion for running, while trying not to spend all of my money on food since I’ll be living in Chicago. I want to discuss what I struggle with, mentally, physically, and emotionally, and how I overcome those obstacles.

I hope to reach students. Undergrad, high-school, grad school students, professional students, you’re in school? Maybe I have some helpful tips. Maybe I don’t.

So here I am. It me. This is the story of a girl who navigated small-town living, worked full-time during undergrad, is taking out insane amounts of loans to follow her dream to become a pharmacist, and who runs to deal with the stress of it all and because sometimes running is fun.

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